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Migrate MuseScore SVN trunk to Git - Please read

Hi all,
This year again I attended FOSDEM (http://fosdem.org) with Werner
Schweer and Thomas Bonte. We also hooked up with Leon Vinken. It was
again a very nice experience to meet developers, users and husbands of
users :) Here are some photos:

Werner, as the main developer of MuseScore, expressed the wish to
migrate the development to GIT in order to welcome new developers and
to deal with patches more easily. After some more discussion, we
settled on moving the trunk to GitHub.com. The branch will remain on
SVN until 1.2 is out, hopefully before the end of the month.

In order to proceed in the coming days/weeks, if you are a committer
on the current SVN,  please create an account on http://github.com and
send me the email you are using. Your mail will be used to map your
commits in SVN to your commit in GIT.
The email is the one you use for setting up Git while doing :

$ git config --global user.name "Firstname Lastname"
$ git config --global user.email "[hidden email]"

In the coming weeks, we will also setup a developer handbook page to
explain how to use Git as its best for contributing to MuseScore. It
will be nothing new for existing git users.

If you have any question about the migration, don't hesitate to ask
here or on MuseScore IRC (#musescore on freenode.net)


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